Heated & Cooled Seats

Temperature-adjustable seat extends your driving season and optimizes your comfort in all conditions. Enjoy your Slingshot in all conditions with the Heated and Cooled Seat, powered by industry-leading technology. The seat offers three settings – low, medium, and high – for both heating and cooling. Choose the setting you prefer and ride in comfort. Whether it’s chilly outside or the hottest day of summer, you’ll extend your driving season and enhance your experience on every drive. These seats are validated for use in Canada. 

  • Three settings – low, medium, and high – for both heating and cooling
  • Thermoelectric technology is used to cool or heat the seat combined with flexible Graphene material to disperse it for full coverage
  • Plush, cushioned seat with accent stitching and embroidered Slingshot logo in the headrest deliver added comfort and style
  • Non-perforated means 100% water-resistant and highly durable
  • Install in place of standard seat – no HVAC system means easy install

Source: Polaris Slingshot