Ouellette Car Cruise 2020

We participated in the 5th annual Ouellette Car Cruise tonight and really enjoyed the energy of the other cars, bikes and spectators lined up along the route.

We started on Pillette and made our way to Riverside around 6 o’clock and we could tell it was going to be amazing because already people were set-up on their porches and front lawns, with signs to ‘light it up’ or ‘do a burnout’ … somewhere behind us, someone did a burnout while we waited at the light at Wyandotte St., and filled the entire block with smoke. To say it captured everyones attention would be an understatement.

It was our first time participating in this event and have only seen it one other time so it was a huge surprise when we reached Riverside Drive and saw literally dozens of people comfortable on their lawn chairs. This would be the scene repeated along the entire route; dozens of people, sitting comfortably watching the parade of proud owners showcasing their vehicles and we were no exception.

Our city bi-line used to be “Automotive Capital” and on this day it certainly proved that it still is.

Ouellette Car Cruise is held annually on the 2nd Friday of August. For sponsorship information or to view the gallery, visit their website CruisinOuellette.ca or their Facebook page, Ouellette Car Cruise