Three Wheeler in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Corbin Merlin

We were watching The Fast and Furious on this cold and lazy winter Saturday afternoon and noticed a three-wheeler during the garage scene. Not sure what it was but we know for certain it isn’t a Slingshot because they were introduced in 2015 and this was a 2006 movie.

So off to Googling we went.
We found some forums that talked about it; the general consensus is that the 3-wheeler is in the promos but not the actual movie. NOT TRUE! We saw it in the movie and went in search of it online. For those who don’t believe us, watch the YouTube clip from the movie, below.

Meanwhile, here’s what we found out.

The vehicle is either a Corbin Sparrow or Corbin Merlin. We’re leaning towards Merlin because of the shape of it. Take a look at the Corbin Motors website and decide for yourself.